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August 7, 2019 Bedspread Designs

Knowing What Is Dust Ruffle Bedspread

Ruffle bedspread – dust ruffle is a pleated or aggregate piece that is usually just long enough to fill the space between the top of the box springs and the floor. The ruffle is really a circular construction that is configured to fit around and elegantly hug the box sources. Many dust ruffles are fitted with an elastic band around the top of the device. The ruffle is slid around on the sides of the box sources, allowing the band to hold the ruffle in place. Slots in each corner make it possible to place ruffle around bedposts without bunching the material.

In recent years, the dust ruffle bedspread has also been manufactured to use Velcro for mounting, instead relying on elastic band. The loophole is placed on strategic points along the top of the ripple. The Companion Velcro parts are located along the sides of the box of springs. When joined to the Velcro parts, they adhere to the ruffle to sources safely. But also make it easy to remove the ruffle for cleaning.

When designing or sewing a ruffle bedspread, avoid attaching dust ruffle to duvet or primary bedspread. While it can add length and width to the bedspread, ruffles will experience more wear because they are used and curly at night. Instead, sew dust on a white sheet and place it on the bed under the mattress box. This will leave dust ripple in place and in good shape.

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