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August 31, 2019 Accessories

Ideas for Cat Tower DIY

Cat tower DIY – Like human fingernails, cat claws grow throughout a cat’s life. Cat towers allow your feline pet to scratch and pull away old pieces from their claws. If you do not provide a tower scratch for your cat, it could scratch and damage other pieces of furniture. Outside cats often use tree trunks for their claws. Cat towers simulate logs for their inner cat and offer something interesting in which to sharpen their claws.

Make a good cat tower DIY. Staple a 30-inch by 18-inch piece of rug firmly around a 4-by-4 post with a staple gun. Sink of ten staples evenly spaced vertically down each linear edge of the post. Cut any excess carpet. Staple around the perimeter of an 18 inch square piece of carpet on a 3/4 inch particle board also measures 18 square inches using a staple gun.

Cat tower DIY position of the particle board on the top of the pole, particleboard faces down and the agglomerate is centered on the post. Place a washer on a screw and drill the screw through the center of the particleboards and into the post. This will protect the particle board. Turn the tower on the particle board. The post will now remain vertically.

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