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November 19, 2019 Other

How to Build Cubby Storage

How to Build Cubby Storage – Cubby makes large storage space and can add a nice touch to a group of shelves. Not only are cubby attractive and useful, but they can be built easily at home and do an excellent beginner wood working projects.

The main material of cubby storage is wood. Draw the dimensions of your cubby on paper and determine the total amount of wood you need by calculating the total area of the wood needed for each box. Once you know the total area of the necessary wood, buy enough plywood to meet the requirements. You will also need a tape measure, circular saw, coarse sandpaper, stain or paint, a brush, a hammer and some 3/4-inch-long nails.

You should already have determined the sizes of your cubby storage. Beginning at the top corner of the plywood, measure and mark the dimensions of each cubby side so that they can be easily cut and so you use the maximum amount of plywood. Remember that the top of a cubby can serve as the floor of the cubby above it. When you have all your pages pulled out of plywood, carefully cut out shapes with a circular saw. Sand edges on all sides so that there are no sharp edges. Stain or paint the pieces and wait 24 hours for them to dry. When the cubby is dry, you can begin installing them in any way designed by you.

The hardest thing is to get the first two pieces nailed together. To get them started placing a piece down on a hard surface such as a workbench or floor. Push it firmly against the wall. Now connect the next page cubby with the play against the wall so that an “L” shape formed and nail them together. Now that your original structure is formed, it should be easier to build the rest of the box.

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