Antique Walnut Bookcase with Stained Glass

Aug 19th

Walnut bookcase – When looking for antique bookcase, domestic piece will generally dated from as far as 1700 when the case of furniture began to be produced in a serious amount. Bookshelves can certainly be traced back as far as the end of the 16th century and there are some excellent examples at Oxford University Bodleian Library. An early example of bookshelf is usually made of oak, and tends to be plain rather than decorative. Book very early to be placed flat on the shelf, and it was only with the advent of the printing industry spines and titles will be shown to the outside.

A walnut bookcase is an excellent example of early antique bookcase. Pieces like this formed part of a revolution in the manufacture of furniture in the UK, with the arrival of Huguenot craftsmen expelled from France in the late 17th century and new forms of manufacture remained throughout the 18th century. Bureau bookcase is set wrapped rack set on the bureau or writing desk. The table has a fold down flap with sets of drawers arranged under.

Cabinet is placed on top to hold the book has two often mirrored glass doors that help to drive the light. Walnut bookcase is often pedimented above to provide quality architecture for the piece. As the 18th century evolve, various types of shelves of antique books growing. Much larger architectural pieces are being made for a small library and a compact bureau bookcase for the living room. Walnut has now become very rare and mahogany being imported instead.

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